Earthquakes, Hurricanes, and Garden Weddings

the happy couple

For better or for worse was mightily tested this past weekend.  Actually, the trouble started last Wednesday when my daughter, Marisa and her fiancé, Dave were evacuated from the marriage license bureau in New York City because of the earthquake.  And that was only the beginning…

The original storyboard:

Saturday afternoon guests arrive from New York City, Pennsylvania, eye of the storm North Carolina, Washington, Virginia, Chicago, and California. Saturday night, we meet at an Italian Restaurant for dinner.Sunday morning we all drive to Averill Park for lakeside ceremony and champagne toast at Crooked Lake followed by lunch under tents at home.

The best laid plans.

The downside of our wedding story was the problems our travelers had and the need to scramble to make new plans. The upside, which far overshadowed the down as far as I was concerned, were the fabulous people who worked with us to flip the ceremony and reception and the fact that all of our family and friends, save one, came.

        We moved the wedding to Saturday night. We had a cocktail party and ceremony in our yard.  There was only a brief, light rain for a few minutes. The restaurant became the venue for the reception. They allowed us to bring in our home baked desserts, wine, and all the flowers and centerpieces.  It was perfect.

a little rain for good luck

We woke up Sunday morning to the driving rain and winds. We had no power for about five hours. As soon as the caterer drove up with the lunch, the lights went on. Relief! The major problem then was getting past the lake that had formed at the base of our driveway.  Since most of our out-of-town guests were at a hotel two blocks from our house, the party was in full swing by mid-afternoon

If any of you reading this are in the Albany area, I have to tell you that the people at Grappa 72 Ristorante are amazing and the food is spectacular and that Shaw Rabadi from BFS Restaurant and Catering is the master of Middle Eastern cuisine.  They made all the changes flawless.

It wasn’t the wedding we’d planned, but it was the wedding we all wanted.  Marisa and Dave planned a non-traditional wedding. There were to be no attendants, or aisles, or rehearsals.  All the focus was to be on beautiful service conducted by a family member, surrounded by family and friends at home.  And so it was.

What a story they have to tell…

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