Book Parties/Readings

STANDING ON THE CORNER OF LOST AND FOUND Now Available on   $3.99 Framed by the political and social landscape of the sixties, this is a story about broken hearts and fragile dreams repaired through the indelible ties of friendship. KIRKUS REVIEW:  Her writerly strength lies in her characters...they are complicated, flawed and believable. … Continue reading

New Poetry Book: FLOATING ISLANDS: New and Collected Poems

I have a new poetry book available.  It may be purchased through the website or on Amazon at this point. Floating Islands is a rich fusion of sound and image, well seasoned with commentary on human connections, the impact of war, and the vagaries of relationships.  Her poetry bears witness to the world we live … Continue reading New Poetry Book: FLOATING ISLANDS: New and Collected Poems


National Poetry Month has come and gone.  If you happen to live in a place that flourishes with poetry events, it’s like Christmas all over again; if poetry is pretty sparse in your community, not much happens. But  it seems that wherever you may live, the spoken word gets out, as it always has. Through … Continue reading POETS AS WITNESS: WAR AND WOMEN’S RIGHTS

Genius Clusters?

I just finished reading Patti Smith’s memoir, Just Kids.  It is the story of her relationship with Robert Mapplethorpe in the time of a burgeoning New York City art scene of the 1960s and 70s. They WERE kids who arrived in New York with nothing but their determination to be artists. They wandered into one … Continue reading Genius Clusters?

A Brief History of Lying

The research for the book I’m working on has gotten me thinking about the lies we tell. From our early childhood, we are counseled to always tell the truth.  George Washington is our model for that until we’re much older and find out there were probably no cherry trees in his life.  As children, we … Continue reading A Brief History of Lying