“There’s nothing to writing.  All you do is sit down at a typewriter and open a vein.”

                                                      —Walter Wellesley “Red” Smith


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Publication List

We’ve Come Undone
Standing on the Corner of Lost and Found

Poetry Chapbooks:
The Me I Was With You
Paternal Nocturne
Floating Islands
Woman Sitting in a Café and Other Poems of Paris

Java Wednesdays (anthogy)
Peer Glass Review (anthology)

I Am A Fortunate Man

Chronogram, Poets Canvas, DuPage Valley Review, Byline, Women’s Synergy,
55 paperplates, Mom’s Literary Magazine, Knock, Willow Tree Poems, Up The River, New Verse News among others

To someone who rewrote each of her books more time than she would publicly admit, whoa, that would be something, unfathomable really. There is always something a character might say, do, think, differently… isn’t there??? Right?

And the lonely part… well, I’ve got this to say about that.  Yes.  I spend far more time than the average person I know in front of my computer or scribbling in my journal or daydreaming about a world that clearly lives only in my head. But since I have been totally immersed in this world my life has been so clearly enriched by all the people I have met and have reached out to me through writing conferences, workshops, critique groups, open mics, book clubs, book parties, presentations, and just general book talk that all I can say is a big thank you to all of you.

So here I am, having FINALLY finished another one. It’s out in the world now. I had my doubts I’d ever get there. Yet, the early news is good.  Let me know what you all think.

4 thoughts on “Bio

  1. Hi Jan – I’m friends with Judy Prest and when I saw her email about you, I said to myself, where do I know this woman from? I believe we worked together in Communications at Capital Region BOCES. Congratulations on your books – I must find them and read!


    1. Hi Marcia!
      Of course I remember you! I think you were the first person I met when I started working at BOCES. I heard that you had moved to England. Is that true? If so, are you back? BOCEs seems an eternity ago.

      If you are interested in getting books, just let me know and they are also all on Amazon and local book stores.

      Thanks for writing! Jan


  2. Hi Jan,
    Good to see you again last week and thank you for signing my book. I just finished reading it today…loved it. I got so involved with your characters that I couldn’t put it down. Being young and in love and visioning the future hit home. Gary & I married at 22 and being a good Catholic woman, I was sure the rhythm method would work.. As you can guess, 2 years later we’re parents to 2 sweet sons. Now picture this…Gary is 24 years old, starting a new career as a draftsman and is the sole provider for himself, a wife, and 2 sons. What pressure this must have been and I’m so grateful he didn’t say “sayonara sweetie”. I’m still grateful 59 years later. Please keep writing.
    Betty Wright


    1. Betty, I just saw this. There is so much i don’t know about a website! So happy you enjoyed the book. And that life does work out for many of us! It may not be as we imagined but we make it into something that really is a good life. It was so good to see you too. I miss the Berkshire ladies. What a special group you are! Take care and be well. Jan


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