Standing at the Corner of Lost and Found

Standing at the Corner of Lost and Found

by Jan Marin Tramontano

Lisa goes to college in high spirits. Determined to cast off her family’s persistent warnings that life is a tragedy waiting to happen, she is devastated when it does.  A widow whose only son was killed in Vietnam, finds Lisa wandering the beach one night and rescues her.  Lisa transforms her tragic loss into purpose and catalyzes an unlikely group of women to reinvent their shattered lives.  Framed by the political and social landscape of the 1960s and 1970s, this story celebrates the buoyant spirit of sisterhood in healing broken hearts and restoring fragile dreams.

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13 thoughts on “Standing at the Corner of Lost and Found

  1. I admire the valuable information and facts you provide inside your posts. Ill bookmark your weblog and also have my kids examine up correct here typically. Im fairly positive theyll discover lots of new issues here than anybody else!

  2. I loved the book and would read it again. Mary Wiley shared with me. Where do I purchase one for myself and would like one as a gift for Janet Conroy Fox. We all worked at DOH. Dianne Gardner

    • Hi Dianne
      I’ve been remiss about looking at my website. I’m SO VERY SORRY I never replied to this. If you are still interested, I could get books to you ASAP!

      Thanks so much for your interest. I’m thrilled you loved the book enough to venture back into the lives of Lisa and company.

      Best wishes,

      • Jan, There is no reason to be sorry. I would very much like to purchase three books. You might remember Janet Fox from the Department of Health. She worked in the Wadsworth lab for Dr. Axelrod and then later when he became Commissioner. Mary went with her cousin Marilyn to see you last summer.
        Thank you. Dianne

      • Dianne,
        That’s wonderful. I will discount them 20% so with tax that would be $12.96 ($13 for ease) per book. How would you like me to get them to you. Do you live in Albany?

        Does Mary live in Punta Gorda or am I thinking of a different Mary?

        Thanks so much. Jan

  3. Jan, You are correct Mary is in Punta Gorda. I have a condo within five min. of her. One book is for me; I have to have my own to keep, one is for Janet Fox who just bought a house in Fl and the third is a also a gift for Jane Corradi who works for me. You can send to my husband who is already there. Joseph Sabatino, 3300 Loveland Blvd., Unit 102, Port Charlotte, Fl 33980. I can send off a check.


    • Dianne,
      Aren’t winters in Florida amazing? I’m counting the days until we go. I will send them out and let you know the total with postage. Shall I sign them? Dianne, Janet, and Jane?

      Thanks so much.

      • Oh, yes please, please sign them!!!! I can’t thank you enough. I leave for FL on 11/16. Joseph has been there since early Sept. with our cat, who absolutely loves it.


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