Sex, Lies, and Coverups

This past week’s news of scandal begs for the stories within the storyboard we’ve heard nauseatingly often.  The deeply covered violence against our children reared its ugly head on a major stage again.  First, it's  priests.  Then, it’s teachers. Now, it’s the coach of a popular college football team.  For every one of those boys … Continue reading Sex, Lies, and Coverups


We had somber snow predictions for this weekend. No matter how often the forecasts are wrong, they are taken very seriously.  October snowstorms can wreak havoc.  The snow weighing down on tree branches cause serious damage—downed power lines, snapped branches falling on roadways, and generalized ruin when one season makes an unwelcome visit into another. … Continue reading SATURDAY AFTERNOON AT THE BOOK HOUSE

Book Wars: Are you a Kindle or a Book?

The word e-books seems to catalyze ordinarily peaceful people into battle mode. It brings out the same fury as the very real fear of big box bookstores swallowing up independents. The way the questions are framed ramps up the argument. Are books becoming extinct?  How can anybody be satisfied holding a Kindle instead of a … Continue reading Book Wars: Are you a Kindle or a Book?